Favorite Travel Destinations of 2016

Hello and Happy Monday!! Ok….I’m ready for summer! After the frigid temperatures this weekend and putting this post together for y’all….I’m SO ready for the beach!! Anyway.. I wanted to round up some of my absolute favorite places we traveled over the last year! One of my resolutions is to travel even more and even take a few more spontaneous getaways when we get the opportunity! I feel so blessed to have been able to take all of these trips this past year and I’m really excited to see what’s in store over the next 12 months! Alright, so lets start in February……

Charleston | SC

We started off the year by going to Charleston for Valentine’s day! I had never been there before, so I was really excited to go! It was rainy and cold the entire time, but it was still really fun! We stayed at the King Charles Inn, explored City Market, had a little coffee and desert at Kaminsky’s and had THE best dinner at Amen Street . I really would love to go back (preferably when it’s a bit warmer..) we’ve talked about taking another little trip there this summer… we’ll see!

LA and San Diego | CA

Some of you may or may not know, but I moved to San Diego right after high school graduation to play Div 1 lacrosse at San Diego State University! I transferred back home and finished my college at FSU, but I still love to go back and visit! I was in one of my best friends weddings early last year in San Diego and it was one of the best trips! We took a day trip to LA when we were there too…ahhh I love LA… I’ve been twice and both times with my mom. Seriously so much fun when we go together! We checked out SUR and Pump too because…why not, we love us some Vanderpump Rules haha! My girlfriend Spencer went to SDSU with me now  lives in LA as well as a friend from FL that recently moved out there too so we were able to see a lot of the “local spots” including this AMAZING bar called Laurel Hardware. You would never guess because it looks like an actual hardware store from the street!

Outfit posts from my California trip ( HERE | HERE | HERE )

Key West | FL

We took a family vacation to the Keys this past summer as well! We stayed at Parrot Key Resort…totally recommend! Especially if you’re going with a larger group! We stayed in a 3 story condo and it was the perfect size for all of us! We rented scooters, danced away at Sloppy Joes, and  got stuck in basically a hurricane at Hogs Breath Saloon. We were supposed to go jet skiing while there, but the weather  was just not permitting ugh, oh well!

A few posts of outfits I wore in the Keys ( HERE | HERE | HERE | HERE )

 Elbow Cay | Abacos | Bahamas


I will happily eat dinner from this spot every night until I  am 100 years old 🙂

Ahh, the Abacos. If I were to answer “I am happiest when _____?” I guarantee the answer will always be “when I am in the Abacos, Bahamas” There is literally something so magical about this place and I can’t even fully explain it! We stay on Elbow Cay and there are maybe 5 cars total? Everyone has either a bike or a golfcart. The color of the water is out of this world, the people are amazingly nice and I mean I got to play with swimming pigs! We’ve gone with Justin’s family for 2 summers now and the trip is always amazing! I never got around to doing a full travel guide for this trip, but closer to summer I honestly might! It’s only an hour and a half flight from Jacksonville and I know a lot of people from around here go so I think a travel guide would be fun! There is SO much I unfortunately cannot cover it all in this post, but I wanted to post a few pictures from this trip so you could see! Basically to sum this trip up..if I ever  win the lottery, we will be buying the house we stay in when we visit 🙂

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Savannah | GA

I actually did do a travel guide to Savannah in this post HERE if you’d like to read it. Justin and I took a little weekend trip to Savannah around October! Such a beautiful time of year to go!

Charlotte | NC

As most of you know, my brother goes to college in Charlotte, NC. We have been many many times before, but always during his lacrosse season…aka 20 degrees and snowing. I was SO excited to go around November and see all of  the leaves change! It was beautiful!!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I am incredibly grateful to  have been able to travel to so many amazing places over the course of 2016! I didn’t realize we traveled so much until I was putting this post together! If you have any questions about any of the places we visited, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, email me, tweet me, you name it and I would love to help! So So excited for what is  in store for travels in 2017!!


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  1. Alyssa Mattheus wrote:

    Love this post, please please do the travel guide on Abacos/Elbow Cay! I’ve been looking for a tropical destination and it looks like the perfect vacation getaway!

    Posted 1.10.17 Reply
    • helloalley wrote:

      Hi Alyssa,
      Enough said! I will definitely do a travel guide for the Abacos! It is the perfect getaway
      XO | Aubrey

      Posted 1.11.17 Reply
      • Tyler Smith wrote:

        Yes please to the Abacos travel guide! Also, do you know if the house you stayed at is available for rent? It looks like an incredible place to stay!


        Posted 3.17.17 Reply