Keeping your Eyes Bright with Viicode Oxygen Masks

Hello Lovelies! As you all already know by now..I love skin care and  I also love trying out new products and trends! When VIIcode reached out to me to try their Oxygen Eye Masks I honestly couldn’t say no! I don’t have too many wrinkles around my eyes (yet) and I try to drink a ton of water and get enough sleep so I can fight the bags under my eyes, but let me tell you, these eye masks are a game changer! Unlike other eye masks, you place them under your eye for a total of 8 hours (or while you sleep) and wake up refreshed with bright under eyes! These are great for a long road trip (a’hem….last week’s 12 hour trek to Charlotte) a longer plane flight or just sleeping in them before a big event the following day! I love products that do all of the work for you, without any fuss. When I opened the product, I had a feeling it was going to be a gel- like type of mask and it was, but it wasn’t messy at all. When I put them under my eye, there was a cooling sensation, but they stayed put throughout the night! For best results, it’s suggested to apply the mask 2-3 times a week and a total of 3 box treatments. If you’re interested in tryout out this product, I’ll leave the link below and you’ll have to tell me what you think!
Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Oxygen Eye Mask

Photography by: Two Lee Photography

Thank you to ViiCode for sponsoring this post.

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