First Trimester Bumpdate

Hiii! Well now that I’m about more than half way through my SECOND Trimester… I guess I should give y’all my First Trimester Update and what it was like! Based off of the fact that this post is months over due…you could say exhaustion and lack of brain power have definitely been one of my side effects!! I’m super excited to share everything with you, but one of the most important things I wanted to share before I get started is the fact that EVERYONE’S pregnancies are so incredibly different. There were so many things on my list I was extremely nervous about before I became pregnant because I’ve heard other moms having side effects etc.. BUT I haven’t experienced any of them, yet I have had symptoms and experiences that I didn’t think I was going to have either! Basically I’m trying to say, take my bumpdate with a grain of salt- if you’re trying or newly pregnant, just listen to your body everyday and it will tell you what you need. Don’t read all of the forums on the internet and if you think it’s something severe- call your mom and then your doctor haha! Read the books as a reference, but don’t live by them. I know I probably sound like a terrible mom to be right now lol, but if you go through every single day overly cautious, you’re going to be miserably stressed all the time and that’s no fun!! Enjoy this time mama because it goes by fast! Without further ado…

First Trimester Bumpdate (through week 12!) 

  •  When Are You Due?! : I am due late September!


  • When did you find out you were pregnant? I found out I was pregnant back in JANUARY!! I found out super early and it was the longest secret ever to hold from everyone!


  • When did you tell family and How? We waited until I was at least 8 or 9 weeks until we told immediate family because we wanted to really confirm. I ordered THESE wine labels and we went over to each of our families for dinner and brought a bottle of wine! It was so funny watching them try to comprehend what was actually happening! We announced to friends, extended family around 13 weeks (same time I told you guys too!)


  • What made you think you were? I just weirdly had a feeling. I had been abnormally tired and my face was breaking out so badly, it almost looked like a rash and I thought that it was kind of odd!


  • How did you tell Justin? Well.. first of all, when I first found out in the morning, I was all alone and I was like on the verge of extreme happiness but also panic attack because I couldn’t tell ANYONE! I sure as heck wasn’t going to call Justin and tell him over the phone! So I collected myself, did a little more work and then went to OrangeTheory to try and like calm myself haha Anyway, we both have the same pair of old skool Vans  so when I found out, Justin was at work and I ran to the mall really quickly after my workout and picked up a pair of baby Vans! When he got home I told him to close his eyes and gave them to him with the test in the shoe! It was the cutest thing ever!


  • How I Felt: I never got sick or nauseous in my first trimester! I was SO FREAKING TIRED though! Like… I can’t even explain it, it’s a weird tired- your brain literally doesn’t work, its hard to muster up any motivation or creativity (aka MY JOB REQUIREMENTS) and you just want to sleep all of the time. When I first found out I was breaking out extremely bad, but I immediately changed up my skin care routine and started using gentle baby friendly products (THESE products were lifesavers in the beginning) and weirdly enough.. my skin looks better pregnant than when I wasn’t.. My back has been breaking out a lot more than normal, but that’s about it!


  • Are you still working out? So I was going hard core Orangetheory basically until the end of my First Trimester. I unfortunately tweaked my back around week 11 and had to stop OTF. I think it was a combination of OTF and my hips growing, but my sciatic has been jacked up on both sides. I’ve been going to the chiropractor twice a week since then to help the pain. I am still trying to go to yoga as much as possible and power walks/ bike rides. It does stink not being able to workout as hard core as you’re used to, but I am at peace knowing that I’m growing a human and I need to let my body rest and not be as hard on it.


  • Cravings: all things salty and savory!!! I’m a HUGE sweets person but from the moment I found out until the end of first tri all I want is salty and savory! Second trimester has been a bit different though.. soda and ice cream are my latest cravings (which is hilarious because those are the two things I neverrrr consumed before I was preggo!


  • Aversions: Haven’t had any bad aversions, it’s been hard for me to cook- raw food and weird consistencies of food make me a bit queasy, however, I have a VERY heightened sense of smell- I can smell the perfume scent of the lady on the other side of church and I can smell when bananas are starting to rot when I’m not even in the kitchen… so strange!


  • Weight Gain: This is something that I was talking about in the beginning of this post, please note that not everyone’s pregnancies will be the same, I gain weight when I smell brownies so I was terrified of weight gain before we even started trying. I lost 7lbs in my First Trimester and I’m 18 weeks now and still have only gained 3 from my pre-pregnancy weight. I don’t know how, especially because I was never sick, but never thought I would be typing in my bumpdate that I lost weight during my first trimester!


  • Physical Changes: Still no bump, just bloating. In the very beginning lots of breakouts, but I’ve been loving my skin and hair throughout this pregnancy! I think my face has gotten a little rounder (pretty sure I see a double chin in some pics lol) coming from a flat chested girl (#bandaidlife during the summer kinda chest) my boobs have gotten enormous!! I had to go out and buy real, sturdy sports bras after a week so I could workout comfortably!


  • Share More about Pregnancy!: Ok, so the reason I’m saying this is because I’ve had a lot of you messaging me saying share more!! I want to see the bump!! Surprisingly enough, since I overshare basically everything, ever since we found out I was pregnant, I’ve been weirdly private about baby! I don’t know why.. I think maybe it’s because it is something so special and personal and I do overshare a lot of my life already! The other thing is, I’m not showing!! So i feel weird posting pics on Instagram holding my belly when like… I don’t have a bump haha! I promise I’m not trying to hide the fact that I’m pregnant, I think I was just already a pretty average sized girl before and have had big legs and a butt that it’s taking awhile to see the belly! I promise I will share more as I grow!
  • Maternity clothes in the first trimester? No maternity clothes yet! Just trying to get use of all of the things that still fit and flowy dresses! I know I’ll be buying a lot of maternity wear this summer so I’m trying to save and not buy until I HAVE to!


  • Purchases: No purchases for baby yet. Mostly because we didn’t know what we’re having (update: now we do hehe check the gram ) and we’ve been in the middle of a move, I want to get settled and then we can focus on all things baby!!


  • Nursery? : nothing yet! Like I mentioned above, we just moved into our new house and we’re still living out of boxes! Soon though!


  • Favorite Apps & Books: I’ve been using the “nuture app”  it’s really simple and gives you updates on baby’s growth. I use this book as a reference.

Hope you enjoyed this update on Baby A! I know it’s a bit longwinded, but I don’t plan on sharing too much mommy content so when I do, just prepare yourselves for a longer post! Happy Wednesday babes!

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  1. Blakeley wrote:

    So excited for you! It’s so much fun, and something you’ll never forget. I hated being pregnant until it came to the end, then my baby came five weeks early and I wasn’t ready for my pregnancy to be over yet! I know you’ll get lots of tips and suggestions, but I will say that my favorite apps were (and are – I still use them!) Kidfolio Pro (it updates you on your pregnancy each week, and continues to do the same after baby arrives), and What To Expect (it shares weekly videos on your stage in pregnancy). 1SE is my all-time favorite app ever – you record one-second video clips each day and it combines them all into a progressive time-lapse video so you can see everything change quickly … it’s the coolest thing. I have been doing it with my baby for the past 15 months, but I wish I’d used it during pregnancy, too!

    Posted 5.3.18 Reply
  2. Molly Bruns wrote:

    Congratulations!! Big Fish Yoga at the beach is actually doing a prenatal yoga series starting June 29

    Posted 5.16.18 Reply