Trending: Neckerchiefs + How I Wear Mine

Good Morning! I often get lots of questions about how I tie my neckerchiefs while not looking like I’m out working on a farm lol.. but really I’ve gotten that message before! First and foremost, I try and find prints that are really chic and classy, not too much on the “western” side with a “bandana” print unless that’s the look I’m going for. I like finding ones with bright prints too because they often serve as a pop of color in an outfit! Below, I’ve shown step by step how I fold and roll my scarf and when I tie it, I start with the neckerchief backwards (the two tails facing behind me while the thickest part is on my neck. Then I cross the two tails behind me and pull them forward and secure with a cute little knot in the front! You can see from these pictures what it looks like styled, and the very bottom picture is the step by step!

Have you tried the neckerchief trend yet? If wearing it on your neck is still a little out of your style comfort zone, it’s super trendy right now to tie it on your pony tail or messy bun or even add it to the corner of your crossbody bag or clutch! I think cute scarves and neckerchiefs are so adorable and add such a flare to a summer outfit!


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