6 Months of Lash Extensions + Your questions answered

Good Morning and Happy Monday Babes! I’ve been getting so many questions about my lashes lately, I thought I would do an updated blog post since it’s been roughly 6 months of getting extensions! If you haven’t seen it already, make sure you check out my original post– I go into full detail about what exactly lash extensions are, where I get them done, how much their pricing is etc… I think between these two posts, most every question should be answered!

I have ZERO makeup on here ^ Don’t judge, but also….. reason why I get extensions haha!

Alright so let’s jump right in! You asked… I’ll answer:

Q: How often do you go to get fills?

 A: I try and schedule them every 2 weeks. Sometimes I can wait longer, but I feel like 2 weeks is the magic number to keeping them super full ALL the time. A fill could be anywhere from 30 min, an hour and sometimes I have my girl do an hour and a half for an extraaaa fluffy fill. You could always go during your lunch break, but LASH stays open later than a normal salon just for you working ladies!

Q: What eye makeup do you use?

A: I do my eyeshadow as I normally would pre- extensions, however I use a fine tip eyeshadow brush and use black eye shadow as my upper eyeliner now. You most definitely can use normal eyeliner (as long as it’s not water proof for the sake of taking it off, you don’t want to rub the extensions trying to take off eyeliner) I’ve just found that the black shadow is so much easier to put on, blends with extensions and easy to take off. Mascara? if you want your extensions to last and stay soft and fluffy, that’s going to be a big NO NO. After 6 months of extensions I think I forgot how to put mascara on haha! I do still wiggle a little bit on my lower lashes though!

Q: Ok so how do you take that makeup off without ruining the lashes?

A: The easiest, mess free way I’ve found is soaking a q-tip with the cleanser LASH gives you after each appointment and wiping off my eyeshadow and shadow liner without touching the extensions! Seriously the easiest way to get rid of eye makeup efficiently- I love it better than a makeup wipe!

Q: This leads into the next question- How do you take off ALL of your makeup and shower? Can you get them wet? 

A #1: I know I’ve mentioned this before, but THESE MAKEUP REMOVER TOWELS are pure magic. I don’t know how they work, but they do. I’ll get it wet and simply rub it over my face whether I’m in the shower or at the sink and all of my face makeup is GONE. Since I previously took all of my eye makeup off with the cleanser/ q-tip trick, there’s no reason to completely soak my face. Even when I cleanse with my face wash after removing makeup, I’ll wet my face with a wash cloth and rinse the cleanser with a wash cloth so I don’t soak the lash for an unnecessary amount of time.

A #2: So can you get them wet…. yes, you can- it’s not like they’re instantly going to fall off or run like makeup would, but I personally don’t like to get them wet- if I swim laps or something in the pool I’ll wear goggles and I try really hard not to stick my face up to the shower head and just stand there haha  However…. I live at the beach and it’s super hot when we go to the pool so a dunk here and there is totally fine. I just bring my little spoolie in my purse to brush them out after they’ve air dried.

Q: What kind of lashes have you been getting lately and what size curl? 

A: I originally started out with a classic set, getting classic fills each time (one extension lash glued to one of your lashes. 1:1 ratio) Now, I’ve been getting volume fills because I love how “full” my lashes look. (Volume lash is 2-3 extensions glued to one of your lashes. 2:1 ratio) My lash is a “C curl” according to my lash artist.

Q: Who is your lash artist at LASH?

A: While I’ve gotten filled by a few different girls there and have had a great experience each time, I’ve been going to Allyson the last 10 times probably and I’m hooked haha it’s like finding a hair stylist or a brow artist, once you find that connection I’d say try and stick to that person so it’s their own work each time and can “pick up where they left off”

Q: (most commonly asked question) Do your own lashes fall out when the extensions fall out? 

A: Going to try and answer this the best way I can. Yes, and no. I will have extensions fall out that are *just* the extension and I have extensions fall out with an eyelash attached. Are there ways to prevent this? Yes, by not wearing mascara, harsh liquid eyeliners, getting them soaked every morning and night etc… but at the same time- extensions or not, your lashes go through a shedding cycle and will shed/fall out on their own when there is *natural* new growth coming in. If you need some proof, here is a picture of my lashes before a fill (after 3 weeks so I was past my 2 week mark and really needed a fill) but you can see where the extensions are and you can see all of my natural lashes still in tact! My extensions had fallen off of them, but the natural lashes are still there… they don’t all fall out!

Alright! So these are the most commonly asked questions I’ve gotten in the past few months, If you want to know more like pricing, details about the lash studio I go to, and a few other things, check out MY ORIGINAL POST and you should be set!! Let me know if you decide to take the plunge OR if you’re already a lash lova!!!


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