Baby Shower Details + Baby Name Reveal

Hey there friends! I have been SO excited to share this post with you all, I received so many questions about details on my baby shower I’m going to try and share as much as I can from food, location, fun extras the hostesses did and my outfit details! I’m also sharing Baby Boy’s name! I’m sure some of you all already know what it is- it’s been leaked in photos on social media here and there and that’s ok! For some reason I wanted to keep it a secret until he was born- maybe it’s because so much of my life is on social media, this was something I could actually keep private, but at the same time, I LOVE sharing all details of my life with yall, soooo why not share this!!

Below I’ve separated all of the details from food, desserts, decorations etc… I had 8 ladies who graciously hosted so I’m not 100% sure where everything is from, but I’ll try and list as much as I know! Without further a’do…

Before we really dig into allll of the details….Baby A’s name is….Jackson Scott Alley! We’ll be calling him Jack for short!! It’s so funny, we had quite a few names picked out before we were pregnant and then even at the beginning. We would agree on some, disagree on others, be iffy on some and then one day, we both thought Jack and LOVED it! It’s so classic, but also adorable when he’s a little babe! Can’t wait for baby boy to be here in one short month!!

The hostesses went with a coastal, preppy theme for the baby shower-  living at the beach, everyone loves a good coastal theme and that’s actually what his nursery theme is! That little whale will be over his crib! Every little detail was so perfect and my mom honestly should have been an event planner lol! We had the shower at the Coastal Oaks club house in Nocatee! It was the perfect size and the clubhouse itself was gorgeous! keep scrolling below to see details!

The entry was super cute- there were envelopes there for guest to write down their address and a little note area where everyone wrote down their sweet baby and parent advice! I loved reading through every one and I’ve got them all saved for days I know I’ll need some encouragement or advice!

Mom and her best friend made this balloon arch the night before the shower…..don’t ask me how because they don’t know how. She said they drank a lot of martinis prior lol

Loved these balloons for the photo area! Of course there had to have a photo backdrop!! Balloons are from Etsy!!


The shower was a drop in style shower from 1-4 so there were lite bites for guests to snack on throughout the shower! Even though I couldn’t partake in the “mom-osas” I loved that all of my guests were able to have a good time! I certainly enjoyed the lemonade though! Been such a craving this pregnancy!



Cake and cupcakes from The Artistic Cake

These cookies are from Dricka’s Cookie Jar and they are THE BEST COOKIES EVERRRRR! If you have an event coming up, contact Dricka for cookies! She’ll do custom logos or anything you have in mind for your party! Oh and they are delish!!

For my hostess gifts, (I had 8 hostesses) I had My good friend, The Little Flower Bunch make the sweetest, prettiest little bunches for each of my hostesses! They came in little mason jars all wrapped up in paper. Her bunches are ALWAYS amazing! If you’re looking for a wedding florist or just want to send your friend a little pick me up, Little Flower Bunch is the way to go! She’ll hand deliver in the Jax area too!

All of the wonderful hostesses!

My momma!

My mother in law and Sis in law!

Aren’t they the cutest!?

So this is a request I had… I know it’s a little different, but I really wanted to do it. I absolutely HATE opening presents in front of people, like I’m even awkward opening presents in front of Justin (What!?) SO since I’ve been there done that with wedding festivities in the past, I knew I definitely didn’t want to do that again. Idea? Bring gifts unwrapped, but display them on a table so guests can still browse and see what everyone brought! I know some people like to see so this still gave them the option, but also didn’t keep guests waiting (or bored) while I was opening presents. My dad and brother also turned my mom’s vision of a sailboat gift table into reality… see below!

My sister in law had the idea to bring and sign a book for Jack instead of a card which I LOVED! He has a whole library for his entire childhood haha! My dad read to me every single night so I can’t wait for Justin to be able to do that to our baby too!

a few of my bridesmaids, friends and sorority sisters!

Some of my blogger besties! Danielle , Chelsey, and Kristin!

We had a polaroid camera and scrap book set up right by the photo backdrop and used that as a guest book! My guests took pictures, taped it to the scrapbook and wrote a sweet note! I’ll fill the rest of the scrap book with these photos from the shower! I just thought it was a trendy, fun twist on a guest book!

friends and fam!

my aunts, mom, one of my cousins and grandma!

Thank you all so much for popping by today, I hope you enjoyed this post! I’ve been so excited to share all of the details on this special day, it’s truly one I’ll remember forever! Thank you again to all of my wonderful hostesses for throwing such an amazing baby shower!

Special Thanks to Sarahdipity Photos for capturing this sweet day!



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