Men’s Last Minute Gift Guide (Amazon Prime Edition)

Hey Babes! I know it’s so last minute…but that’s how things are rolling in this household this time of year… I’ve put together literally the most LAST MINUTE men’s gift guide for your man thanks to Amazon Prime shipping haha! I don’t know if I’m proud or embarrassed that 90% off my Christmas shopping my UPS man has delivered to my door, but hey, sometimes ya gotta do whatcha gotta do! If you keep scrolling, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite manly things I’ve either bought for Justin and the other men in our family in the past- or what I bought for them this year! ( Hopefully they’re not reading here!) Some items would make great stocking stuffers if you’ve yet to pick up those items too!

I hope yall have a fanstastic Holiday this year! I cannot believe we are celebrating this year with a BABY!!! Ahhh so fun, I love it!


Merry Christmas Yall!


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