Now Here’s A Shot it Doesn’t Need To Be 5:00 For

Good Morning ladies! I wanted to pop on here and share some hair secrets I’ve been swearing by the last couple of weeks! You all know I’m such a crazy person when it comes to taking great care of my hair. It’s pretty much always been extra long so I’ve always had to take extra good care of it. You would think, living in Florida, it’s so humid there is no way my hair is dry… think again! It gets so dried out and frizzy from the heat, I always have to use some sort of super thick conditioner. However, nothing seemed to be cutting it lately until I found this little tube of gold..literally.

Insert: Pantene’s Intense Rescue Shots. 3 reasons I love this stuff:

  1. One little tube is all you need per use- there is no guessing game of how much is too much…each tube is exactly how much you need.
  2. You only need to keep it in for 30 seconds and it only takes 30 seconds to wash out. I hate nothing more than having to wait on a hair mask to “sink in” when I really need to take a quick shower, but my hair also (always) needs the moisture so these are perfect!
  3. They actually work. My hair feels so soft after using these rescue shots and I can tell a noticeable difference on my ends. It really is a little tube of gold straight from Brazil!
I’ve also been using the Pantene Repair and Protect shampoo before each rescue shot as well. It makes my hair so soft (which is rare with a shampoo) and it also protects from future damage as well! With as much heat we use when styling, the daily outside pollutions and coloring our locks, we NEED to keep our hair as hydrated as possible and both of these products do just that!

I really only wash my hair once or twice a week because I honestly don’t have much time #momlife but I also like the way my hair styles when a bit dirty. That being said, I use the rescue shots each time I wash my hair! I replace it with my other conditioners and I only use it from my ends to the middle of my hair. I don’t like to get it close to my root (unless my hair is insanely dry) because my hair gets a bit greasy on top. I really try and focus on the ends of my hair to prevent (and repair!) split ends!

If you have been fighting dry, damaged hair for quite some time now and can’t quite seem to find the fix, treat yourself to a pack of rescue shots! They come in a package of 3 and in my case, last me a solid 3 weeks! I would love to know in the comments below if you have tried these out or if you are going to! Hope you all have a wonderful week! Happy Washing!

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