Mom Must Have: The Uppababy Stroller

Hey moms! I have received so many questions since Jack was born about what stroller we use and if the the UPPAbaby is worth it. YES it is! I was so particular about what I wanted in a stroller while researching and trying some out in store. I had a feeling it would be the UPPAbaby and finally I decided on it and boy was I right. It’s not super heavy, folds so incredibly easy, I love that all of the seats can just click right in: The carseat, the bassinet and the toddler seat (which can face in or out) This stroller grows with your baby from the day you take your babe home from the hospital ’till the day you have multiple kiddos! The Vista is the stroller that can grow with your growing family. It really is a one time purchase! Keep reading to see some of the features I absolutely love!

We have the 2018 Vista in Gregory

THE SEATS: One of the features I love about the UPPAbaby is the variety of carriers offered with this stroller.

The carseat snaps so easily from the car base onto the stroller for a smooth transfer.

The bassinet was a gamechanger during those first few weeks (months) in the stroller. We could walk around the neighborhood during naps and Jack was so content in the stroller whenever I ran errands or go shopping! He was so snuggly laying in this bassinet. it also comes with a built in sunshade which is amazing and a removable zip cover if you live in a colder climate. It was great having this option since it was basically Winter when Jack was in this bassinet.

The toddler seat is my favorite seat so far. *NOTE: Make sure to purchase the snugseat. This made it possible to put Jack in the toddler seat around 4 months and we even still have him in it today (we just removed the head piece.) I love that this toddler seat can sit straight up, tilt all the way back for naps if desired, can face forward or rear-facing, has a built in sunshield, flaps that open up for airflow and so many more little features. (I’ll try and attach a video at the end of this post!)

A couple other things I looked for in a stroller was the quality of the wheels, storage capacity underneath the seat of the stroller, adjustability in the heights of the stroller (you can adjust the handle bars so I use it at a shorter level than Justin) the style (obviously, yall know who I am haha) The UPPAbaby strollers checked every single one of these boxes and I knew I had to have it! While UPPAbaby makes other accessories like our little organizer and drinker holders, this Vista actually comes with waterproof rain covers and bug nets for the stroller so your babe stays safe! It’s like this stroller was maaaade for Florida weather haha! UPPAbaby has excellent customer service and will help you with any issue you may come across during your duration with the stroller. PS they also sell travel covers for your carseats and strollers! So great if you have to fly somewhere! However, now that Jack is a little bigger, I’ve got my eye on the Minu for our travels this summer… it fits in the overhead storage on a plane and is super lightweight! Heck yes!

Below are a few videos of how to use each aspect of the stroller, from the bassinet, carseat, toddler seat and all of the bells and whistles I didn’t even realize it had until I watched these videos! If you are on the fence about splurging a little bit for this stroller, I can promise you, you won’t regret it! The quality of the Vista is absolutely AMAZING, I love all of the color options and it can grow with your family- you can attach a car seat + a toddler seat or 2 car seats or 2 toddler seats etc… there’s even a little piggy back step for your oldest to hop on and take a ride while you push the others! Let me know if you ladies have any questions or want to know my experience with anything else I didn’t mention! Or just let me know if you’re part of the UPPAbaby family as well!

The Toddler Seat

The Bassinet

The Carseat

Folding & Storage

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