Father’s Day Gift Guide

Good Morning all! Father’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to start shopping for your dad or your baby daddy!  This is Justin’s first Father’s Day and I’m so excited! I included some things I’ve purchased before for Justin’s birthday or my dad’s birthday/Father’s Day that I know they love that your man will love too. I wanted to make it a little easier for you as well so I broke everything down into categories for more efficient shopping! Did you already get your gifts? What did you get? Am I leaving something out! Let me know in the comments below!


I found a brand recently on Amazon called Goodthreads and Justin is obsessed with it! They have regular clothing and slim fit (which is what he wears) so the shirts fit great and yall…. the price is insane! I’ve bought Justin some button downs for $20 from this brand!!! They’re also associated with Prime Wardrobe if you want to get your hubs or your dad a few things to try on before they’re actually purchased so you know their sizes! Linking some of the Goodthreads Items above as well as a few other things I found along the way.


Workout Wear

If your guy is into fitness, you could never go wrong with some new workout gear! I found some nice hats, shorts and tees for your gym junkie! 


Self Care

Justin has that Prada cologne and it smells AMAZING. He also wears Giorgio Armani and that smells so great too. (just noticed it’s on sale!) Also, I came across this brand, Manscaped around Christmas time and bought Justin a bunch of stuff from their line and he loves everything. Linking a few things in the widgets above- they have some really cool stuff! Reminds me a little like Dollar Shave Club products. 



Let’s be real, what guy doesn’t love shoes? Justin had THESE loafers and they are waterproof and can turn into slide ons (great for living at the beach!)



These types of gifts are always Justin’s favorites. I bought him this erasable notebook for Christmas and you can take a picture of it and it instantly uploads into your google docs or wherever you need it- no need to scan stuff into your employees anymore. He said he uses it a lot for meetings! He also loves THIS gym bag THESE sunnies and basically everything else linked in the widgets above.


Hope this helped y’all with some ideas for Father’s Day! Have a great rest of your week!

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