Home Tour: Part Two

Good Morning and Happy Monday! I’m finally getting around to finishing up the home tour- if you missed it, I shared my office tour  and the downstairs of our home a while back. We’ve actually changed a lot since then, I’ll have to do some updated pictures soon! We’ve even updated the upstairs you’re about to see- so much has changed, but I still wanted to share these with you! I’ll try to link as much as possible- or at least tell you where I found things, but for the most part, I wanted to share everything just as a little decor inspo 🙂 I love looking at other’s homes and decor styles to get ideas for my own! Hope you enjoy mine!


Master Bedroom


For those of you who are married, you know that you have to be super creative to find the perfect blend of glam/ manly without being too much of one or the other. My trick for this has always been to stick with neutral colors, but then add in the “glam” with mirrors, art, maybe a shiny/ girly pillow here or there, but by keeping all colors very neutral, you can still achieve somewhat of a masculine feel! Since these pictures were taken last year, we have gotten new night stands- the “mismatched nightstands” used to be in, but I’ve changed them to match and they’re so cool! They look alot like this style, but in a champagne/platinum color! We also have two rectangle mirrors stacked on top of each other on each side of the nightstands (so 4 mirrors total- stacked above the nightstand) AND YALL. I think I have finally convinced Justin to wallpaper the back wall where the bed lays against. It’s this huge wall and would be such an amazing statement right when you walk in!

Room Details

Dresser: Zgallerie

Bed: Zgallerie

Bedding (printed duvet and shams- PotteryBarn, White Duvet- Homegoods, Pillows- Homegoods)

Lamps : Gift from my mom, sorry!

Nightstands: So old, but new ones are from AtHome

Bench: Homegoods

All Mirrors: Kirklands ( I think I found the exact one that’s on my dresser! Linked HERE and a really similar one to my floor mirror!

Rug: AtHome



Laundry Room

I LOVE our laundry room! Literally despise doing laundry, but I love our laundry room. It’s huge! I forgot to have Viktoriya take a pic of behind the door (across from the washer/dryer) But theres a whole countertop with storage and what not! Our last home had a smaller/ kind of awkward shaped LR so I was so excited about this one! ( I think I found that sign at At Home) 


This loft is right at the top of the stairs and I love it because it’s a really versatile room. Justin will work up here if he’s working from home same time I am (and I’m in my office downstairs) It’s great overflow if we need to set up an air mattress, I can fold laundry in there, Jack will play in the loft, it’s great! Right now we just have a huge library of books on the bookcase for him, but when he gets older I can see this loft turning into the ultimate homework/ play space.

Room Details

Bookcase: Wayfair (we flipped it sideways, also love this shelving unit!)

Desk: Old, but very similar linked HERE and under $200!

Desk Chair: The most similar I could find!


Guest Bedroom


I love the fun colors of our guest bedroom! It’s the perfect amount of room when we have guests stay with us and the colors make me happy when I pass this room! (when it’s clean and not full of clothes I’m about to poshmark haha!) Lots of these items are so old, I’ve had some since college! I wish I could link more for yall!

Room Details

Furniture: Ashley Furniture

Chair: Maybe At Home? So old haha

Rug: At Home

Night Stand: Target kind of similar HERE 

other decor, pillows and duvet: Home Goods


Guest Bath

Nothing too special in our guest bath- Jack takes a bath here every night. Would love to make it super cute and kiddy, but it’s still the guest bath so I’ve kept it neutral for now. Besides all of Jack’s bath toys, of course lol!


Jack’s Nursery

Ahhh (when it’s clean and tidy) I loveeee Jack’s nursery. It’s so airy and the colors are so calming. I actually have a more in depth blog post about his nursery if you’d like to catch up on that! I’ll link the blog post HERE ( I also have room details in that post too!)

Hope you enjoyed the second half of my home tour! Don’t forget to check out the rest of the house from other blog posts too!


Welp, that’s all for now, folks

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  1. What a beautiful home you have! It’s very serene and relaxing. I know exactly what you mean about trying to find the balance between masculine and feminine! My husband has always been very flexible with what I want to do to our house, but I always try to reflect that he lives here too! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 6.18.19 Reply