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Well good morning friends! Sorry this took me so long to get up, but I wanted to finally share my pantry reveal with you! My mom and I went down to Orlando to check out the Container Store and pick up lots of storage for my pantry! I honestly should have filmed a video of us clearing out and organizing the pantry as it probably would have been easier to understand that way, but I’ll do my best to explain it via blog post! Keep reading to hear my tips and tricks we used to tackle the pantry and if you’re looking for decently priced containers and baskets- I’ve got those linked for you at the end as well!





#1 Empty out everything from your pantry onto your countertops. This this the part that may seem a bit intimidating and overwhelming, but it is so neccessary.

#2 Throw away all old packages, trash, food, random crap you don’t need that was stored in the pantry (LOL, this is so me)

#3 Start organizing your food and pantry necessities into groups so it makes it very easy to put into containers, but also- so you know what needs to go in what container.

#4 Put all “loose food” i.e. pasta, rice, snacks like crackers, trailmix, nuts, flour, sugar and so on into containers. This will give you better access to the food, keep things fresher longer and look prettier/ cleaner!

#5 Once all food and boxes are in the containers start filling up your pantry how it makes sense to you. For instance, we take our vitamins every day, every morning- I wanted them in a basket that was eye level right at the front of the pantry for easy and quick access.

#6 Start filling out your labels- I used these (or these)- I think they’re the same thing, and I used a chalk marker so I could erase and re-write easily. I then peeled off the sticker and stuck them on each bin. I did use THESE label holders for the wicker baskets- kind of thought they would be unnecessary, but I am SO happy I ended up buying them because they made the pantry look so clean and I know what’s exactly in those baskets!

#7 Two of my favorite baskets is the coffee basket- I used a little basket and just dumped all of our K-cups into it and the other mid size basket I store all of Jack’s bibs for super easy access when he’s about to eat! I love how I can make something loose and messy looking, look clean and tidy! I also received some messages about the pumps I have next to the coffee basket- those actually hold sugar free coffee syrups! We have a coffee maker that can make lattes and cappucinnos so I like having those syrups. I bought syrup from Amazon and the dispensers are from Amazon too!

#8 Take a picture and tag me so I can see your beautiful masterpiece!!

(I hid all of our appliances, dog necessities and liquor bottles behind the door- still tidy, but not pretty enough to feature!)

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