Self Tanning Routine

Hey Friends! I wanted to leave my tanning routine here! While I do tend to change things up as new products come out and I want to try new things, this is generally the same tanning routine and products I have used for a decent amount of time! I talk through each product and how I use it over on my Instagram (It’s saved in a highlight under “self tan”) But I broke everything down right here too! All products are linked below!

Step 1: Exfoliate! I love this exfoliating glove! It stays on great and I’m really able to scrub off any dead skin or old tan I had on previously! It’s $9 on Amazon for a 2 pack!

Step 2: Shave! I am so obsessed with this Billie razor- I’ve been using this line for almost a year now and it’s so affordable, gives me the best shave and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin!

Step 3: Using THIS mitt, I’ll apply my tanning lotion! I’ve been loving Tanceuticals in Ultra Dark lately. It really moisturizes my skin while also giving me a really deep tan. It smells great, is not thick or sticky and lasts a really long time!

Step 4: In the days following my tan application, I like to moisturize with the Billie lotion! It’s really hydrating, not really much if any of a scent (this is good for making your tan last) and does not leave me feeling sticky either!


I’ll leave a link for each of these products in the widgets below! In the meantime, here’s a link to my tanning lotion and you can use code AUBREY10 at checkout for a discount!

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