HOW TO: Plan a Bachelorette Party

First and foremost- if you are in charge of planning a bachelorette party and you have a ton of girls attending…download THE BACH app right now! It was an absolute lifesaver and game changer. I was able to save all addresses to restaurants, hotel, things we were doing as well as time frames we needed to be places AND I could keep track of expenses in there. It was so helpful to be able to look at the app and know our dinner reservation was at a certain time after you know… a few too many happy hour drinks. I was also able to add everyone in attendance onto the app so they could see everything I could and I was able to split up expenses and keep track through the app too.

As far as staying in a hotel vs an airbnb- we liked it! The area we went had many houses that had a min of 4-7 nights and we were just going for 2 so that wasn’t going to work. We got 2 multi bedroom suites and were able to be all together so it worked out perfectly.

I’d definitely say have a lot of things planned to do, but also factor in some “free time” and a good chunk of time in between events so the girls have plenty of time to rest, get ready, take pics before we need to leave etc…

Decor and Gifts:

Everything was from amazon, etsy, shein and WeddingWiseCo! The bags and towels were from WeddingWiseCo and was so nice to have throughout the weekend for a beach bag and towel for the boat. We also tried to limit the amount of “bridesmaids” stuff and opted for things the girls could use for a long time after the wedding! I’ll leave a link to everything we decorated with below: shop the post

Itinerary/ What we did:

Here’s a quick look at what we did all weekend! It was the perfect balance of relaxation and rally as we liked to say!

Linking all outfits I could find online below!

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Have Fun!

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